Luxelakes A4 Art Museum, Chengdu, China
2019 A4 Artist in Residence
International Exchange Programme Exhibition
28 December 2019 - 23 February 2020

Hadzi-Vasileva’s interests in unusual materials and designs, both contemporary and historic as sources for pattern making, included looking at the amazing different foods, their colours and flavours. She spent 3 months as Artist in Residence investigating the local environment in Chengdu; exploring the food markets and selecting unusual materials used as source to produce all the tests and artworks shown in this exhibition. The materials range from various local mushrooms, lamb stomachs, pigs’ caul fat, and rabbit bones to stucco drawing and gilding on walls.

She explored using particular skins/bones (derived from animal or vegetable products) that are preserved and treated but also allowing the environment to make an effect and change the artwork in the space over time. For example: The mushrooms left to decompose; through this process the maggots breed and move in a controlled space; creating delicate traces on the paper.

Hadzi-Vasileva’s interest in landscape and trees, particularly on disease, and the challenges of preserving those dying species; has given the creation to Feed me Please, which is included in this exhibition and developed as a prototype/model for a larger Ginkgo tree. The pattern is inspired by the feeding support systems provided and used around Luxelakes, Chengdu.