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7 August 2016 - Exhibition feature in the science and tech section, with quotes from Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva and Giles Major (circulation: 221,305) - ‘Perhaps the most intriguing and unsettling aspect of the exhibition is that the majority of the work is made from artistically manipulated animal viscera, painstakingly preserved and exploited to fascinating, decorative effect.’
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22 August 2016 - Exhibition preview with quotes from Neil Walker (790,591 unique monthly users) - ‘The translucent work which covers the entire room, softly sifts the light creating a tranquil, completive space.’
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11 September 2016 - Exhibition review (12,000 unique monthly users) - ‘Hadzi-Vasileva really does succeed in ‘making beauty’, which is made all the sweeter by coming from somewhere we would never seek it.’
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16 August 2016 - Interview with the artist about the exhibition (51,000 unique monthly users) – ‘With a diversity of materials, namely organic matter, Aesthetica catch up with the artist about her new show at Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham: Making Beauty which reconfigures two of the artist’s seminal installations, Haruspex and Fragility, alongside new work produced during her year-long collaboration with UK medical research departments.’
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Culture Colony Quarterly

Winter 2016 - ‘Beauty Disclosed’, The Macedonian artist, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, uses animal body parts in her work, affording them the space and context to disclose their own particular and unexpected beauty. She spoke to philosopher Clive Cazeaux during her show, Making Beauty, at Djanogly Gallery Nottingham.
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2 October 2016 - Interview with Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva: ‘I am driven by making the impossible possible’, by Cassie Davies (85,000 unique monthly users)
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April 2014 - “Hadzi-Vasileva has been pushing the boundaries of unusual art “materials” for some time, using salmon and chicken skins, silk worm cocoons, upside-down trees, as well as pig and cow stomachs … a range of magical, disturbing, and richly layered works with an aesthetic resonance…”
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The Independent

23 May 2013 - “Only slightly more grotesque is the Macedonian pavilion this year, in which Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva will present an immersive installation using 907,000 silkworm cocoons, 700 albino rat skins and four live rats to reflect on the movement, migration and impact of medieval plagues through Western Europe and contemplate current concerns about international migratory diseases.”
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The Wall Street Journal

16 September 2011 - "But my intention is to create something beautiful through transformation and that its why I am interested in working with items that are perceived as ugly."... Ms. Hadzi-Vasileva says. "It has made me aware of how obsessed chefs are with using only the best of the best ingredients. There are also certain elements that surprised me, such as how much food is discarded because of this quest for perfection — but it isn't wasted, as it is used for stock and other things."
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