The Circle

The Circle The Circle

Invited Competition for Library Commission
Westgate, Oxford, 2016

This proposal draws upon Roger Bacon drawing’s and original materials from the archeological investigations. This artwork aims to be a ‘draw’ upon the pavement outside the library, and extends into the foyer space.

The circular motif’s are re-imagined into patterns which suggest and imply the growth of knowledge and information. Small develops into large, networks are created and expand, one leading to the other, with depth (represented by larger circles) of knowledge developed through many interests (the smaller circles). The work also represents information networks, such as the world wide web, for which libraries represent the analogue example – sharing knowledge and information.

Flush with the floor’s concrete surface, this series of bronze circles will reflect and refract sunlight in different ways, at various times of the day. In addition the various textures made by inserting metal into a paved floor (or etching or water jet cutting) provides tactile references for those with limited vision.