Raison D’être

Raison D’être Raison D’être

SouthGate Project, Bath, England

Permanent Site-Specific Commission, 2010 – 2012
Stainless steel woven mesh and 23.5 ct gold leaf

Raison D’être for SouthGate Shopping Centre is currently in its third phase of development. It continues Elpida’s interest in site; in this case the history, traditions and culture within a locale.

The commission celebrates Bath’s identity as a sacred place since ancient times; the hot springs acting as a stimulus for legend, pilgrimage, worship, healing, enjoyment and commercial activity for thousands of years.

Inspired by this context and conversations with local people, Raison D’être incorporates 12000 petal shapes (each 20cm x 10cm) made out of specially designed stainless steel woven cloth. The petals are joined together using copper strips that will in such a way as to create an edge to be gilded with 23.5 ct gold leaf. The structures will be positioned within the two arched bridges to create an intriguing and beautiful canopy.

Supporting organisations:
  • Bath and North East Somerset Council
  • Chapman Taylor Architects
  • http://www.southgatebath.com
  • Multi Development
  • Aviva