Cannop Valley Lookout, Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail, England

Permanent Site-Specific Commission, 2017 – not yet completed

Cusp is a highly ambitious, striking, large-scale site specific sculpture, predominantly made of wood in a boat building tradition, drawing upon local materials and contexts, to engage, enthral and excite visitors to the Forest of Dean. Cusp brings a contemporary work to the Forest of Dean and this new sculpture is 11 metres in height and 10 metres in diameter. The monumental design is formed by intricate metal trusses, built locally and oak and red wood felled in the Forest of Dean; crafted into shape by the artist and local carpenters.

Cusp first appears as a tree-like in its form, as part of the landscape. Positioned on a hill top with panoramic views of the Cannop Valley, Cusp ignites and hones the senses as the sounds of the Forest echo within the sculpture and natural light casts shadows on the surrounding landscape.

Cusp engages with hidden aspects of the forest, in particular ideas on dwelling; having a hollow core, into which visitors enter. This transformation of the experience of viewing from outside to in, as the viewer moves to and through, brings a new approach to sculpture on this site. Natural sounds inform the experience of the work as winds and breezes circulate and interact with the forms. The main elements of the work are nearly finished, with additional carpentry still to be completed. The work has been delayed but now the artist has sourced additional funds and the timberwork can be completed; however, scheduling is harder than anticipated to arrange. The final installation is still to be planned.

Cusp is commissioned by Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust in partnership with Forestry of England.