The Beauty of Detail

The Beauty of Detail The Beauty of Detail

Spitalfields Sculpture Prize
Allen & Overy LLP, London, England

Shortlisted proposal for the 2010 Spitalfields Sculpture Prize
Maquette, metal and silk, 1:10 scale

The Beauty of Detail continues with Elpida’s interest in site in terms of history and culture. This area of East End is renowned for having become, at various times, home to successive generations of diverse immigrants - from Huguenots and Irish to Jewish and more recently Bangladeshi communities. Its cultural traditions are steeped in silk weaving, leather ware, clock making, cigar making, barrow boys and a thriving fruit and vegetable market, all contribute to the rich tapestry that is Spitalfields today, nestled up against one of the Worlds financial centres.

This is a proposal for a large-scale veil-like sculptures made of fine metal threads, (stainless steel and brass), woven together, like silk, creating beautiful textured sheet material that is malleable and almost transparent, into large maze-like installation. Lighting will highlight the textures and structures within the skin sheets.

The work is imaginative, like a water whirlpool – inspired by the different cultures and generations that lived and passed through this part of London. It will also create a space for meditation where one can immerse themselves, an opportunity for escape from the busyness of London.

Supporting organisations:
  • Allen & Overy LLP
  • Hamerson