Ambush III

Ambush III Ambush III

Permanent Site-Specific Installation

Ambush III is proposed as a large sculptural intervention, exposing the root systems of number of trees through the use of underground tunnels and glazed panels. Ambush III would extend and develop in a new location, the temporarily installed Ambush (New Forest, 2000) and the proposed Ambush II (shortlisted for the Jerwood Sculpture Prize, 2001) by employing new materials and methods.

Ambush III is more ambitious, technically and artistically challenging, while also amplifying the sensorial experience for the visitor. It is proposed as a long-term intervention. The roots of 5-6 trees would be excavated and revealed through interconnecting passages; giving participants the direct experience of journeying under the earth, encountering the darkness and moisture beneath their feet.

Several locations are currently being considered. The artist is looking for that special place, full of history that will not only challenge us and inspire, but also offer a research opportunity to further develop and extend the work.

Supporting organisations:
  • T.J. Thickett & Associates
  • Hansen Glass Processors