World of Imagination

World of Imagination World of Imagination

Calgary University of Arts, Calgary, Canada, 1997

Mixed media 600cm x 1000cm x 300cm

This installation developed through a 7-week tour of Canada, where Elpida was inspired by the size of the red woods and the Rocky Mountains.

For World of Imagination, Elpida hung a single inverted tree in the middle of the space. The floor below was covered with soil and rotating images of over-sized trees were projected into the space. On entering, the viewer was confronted with the weight and size of the images.

For Elpida, her work explores these unencountered spaces, resonates with the role of the fable or fairy story, alluding to promised Arcadia’s or utopias, which in the bright light of their perfection we can only glimpse. It is in manipulation of quite ordinary materials into the unexpected and enhancing that Elpida captures and exposes our own mundaneness as worthy and meaningful.