Transpire Transpire

Permanent piece for St Bede's Catholic College, Bristol, 2010

Commissioned by Bristol City Council as part of St Bede’s Catholic College under the Building Schools for the Future programme.

"Nature is beautiful in that it appears to say more than it is."

"Aesthetic Theory" by Theodor Adorno. Chapter 5

Transpire was developed over the course of a year, with an intensive 3 month period on site and was finalised in August 2010. The installation incorporated a magnificent gold-leaf tree form, that was hand modelled and grafted onto the walls using traditional stucco techniques, and accompanied by two etched glazings that continued the design across windows.

Transpire responded to the history, traditions and culture of the school. It was developed in collaboration with students and staff, and through close working with the architect. The adaptation of traditional techniques for contemporary settings - in this case Baroque stucco work and gilding - was not only typical of Elpida’s work, but was employed here to reflect the sentiments of self-confidence, vitality, freedom and spiritual ecstasy that defined that era.

Supporting organisations:
  • Building Schools for the Future (BCC, Skanska, LEP)
  • Batterham Matthews Design Ltd
  • Fira Landscape Architect
  • Matthew O’Donovan
  • Teresa Llewellyn
  • Art and Sacred Places
  • Bristol City Council
  • St Bede’s Catholic College