Theatre of Memory

Theatre of Memory Theatre of Memory

Royal College of Art, London, 1998

Mixed media Installation on two floors
400cm x 200cm x 705cm (1st floor)
364cm x 200cm x 726cm (ground floor)

Elpida created this magical installation across 2 floors inspired by her fascination with journeying underground and unearthing mysterious hidden spaces. Theatre of Memory also referenced the global loss of trees and disintegration of our forests.

She replaced the original mezzanine level with a floor punctuated with holes ranging from 5cm to 15 cm diameter. Visitors were invited to walk across the floor and experience the missing “trees” and their roots, which extended down to the floor below. Visitors were also able to walk into the ground floor space to experience the density and power of the overflowing roots. The ground floor space was initially pitch-black, but after a few seconds visitor’s eyes started to adjust to the darkness and began seeing the beautiful colours.