Skin and Texture

Skin and Texture Skin and Texture

Solander’ Box, Caul fat, Abomasum, Omasum on black card (22 x 22 x 8cm)
Produced in Valenciennes in France in December 2007

The work was created for the exhibition ‘Book 2’ at UH Galleries, Margaret Harvey Gallery, St Albans in January 2008. The exhibition featured books by 23 artists and reflected a broad range of artistic processes. It considered a broad interpretation of ‘book’ and included tape recordings, interactive pieces, as well as more traditional formats.

Skin and Texture was a unique piece made up of 13 pages. Each page was designed to be framed and used as an individual artwork.

Other artist in the exhibition: Oreet Ashery, Gillian Daniell, Rachel Garfield, Caroline Isgar and Michele Roberts, Eddie Farrell and Jane Borodale, Tony Grisoni and Dryden Goodwin, Lotte Glob, Joy Gregory, teri Harris, Shona Illingworth, Lucy Day, Lala Meridith-Vula, Henna Nadeem, Nicola Phillipson, Lisa Wigham, Sonia Boyce, Rebecca Sinker, Julie Myers, Claudia Losi.

Supporting organisations:
  • UH Galleries
  • UH Arts
  • Arts Council England
  • UH Galleries