Heft Heft

The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre Winchester 2010

Heft: Weight and Touch in contemporary sculpture was a collaboration between Hampshire Sculpture Trust and Winchester School of Art.

How much does a sculpture weigh? How important is its weight to the way it looks and the way we understand it? Heft was an exhibition of a dozen challenging sculptures by contemporary artists, selected by sculptor Tony Hayward. It examined the significance of weight, density, and tactile qualities, in what are primarily visual objects.

Elpida’s contribution was Bad Hair Day, a work created out of cow’s stomach, hung and stretched from floor to ceiling.

Participating artists included: Thomas Adank, Jason de Caires Taylor, Maurice Citron, Sophia Olivia Clapham, Katayoun Dowlatshahi, Noemie Goudal, Caroline Holt, Julia Kubik, Liane Lang, Philip Morris, Myles Painter, Nicholas Rena, Gavin Turk and Fabien Villon.

Supporting organisations:
  • Winchester City Council
  • Renaissance Museum for changing lives
  • University of Southampton Winchester School of Art
  • Hampshire Sculpture Trust
  • Winchester Discovery Centre
  • Hampshire County Council