Forbidden Entry

Fort Davis, Cork, Ireland 2006-2008
excerpt, 360 degree projection, 07'13"

The work was created at the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, Ireland where Elpida was artist-in-residence in October 2006.

Spike Island, a classic star-shaped fortress, was built to enhance the fortification of Cork harbour in conjunction with Fort Camden and Fort Davis. It is a unique place, steeped in history and intrigue. From an island of ecclesiastical retreat and contemplation to a dark and godforsaken destination of victims of Ireland's Great Famine, Spike Island has been a part of two contrasting periods in Irish history. It is a place combining two very different environments: from the founding of the monastery to the island’s use as a place of detention, punishment and undignified death. From saints to starvation, Spike Island embodies part of the brightest and darkest legacy of Ireland's history.

Elpida was very interested in filming the interiors of the Island in October 2006 but the Ministry of Defence forbid her entry at the time. Instead, she used a boat to film the perimeter of the Island from the water. The filming was down over 24 hours at different times of the day.

Supporting organisations:
  • Arts Council Ireland
  • Cork County Council
  • Sound: Mark Harrop and Timothy Didymus
  • Video edit: Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva
  • Sirius Arts Centre