Epidermis_2 Epidermis_2

Art Gallery and Museum Kelvingrove, Glasgow, 2002

Salmon Skin and Fishing Line, 35m x 8m x 7m

Epidermis was originally created as part of a 6-month fellowship at the Berwick Gymnasium Gallery, where the installation explored the relationship between two local industries: the armed forces and fishing. The industries were brought together by the formal process of taking the ordinary boundary lines of the Gymnasium floor (and the shapes they form) and transforming them into physical objects; themselves transformed from fish skin and bone to sculpture. Unexpected materials - in this case fish skin - were used to make striking forms which examines and exposed how the mundane can be converted into works of beauty.

Commissioning text by Mark Segal, Director of ArtSway, accompanies this exhibition.

Supporting organisations:
  • Scottish Arts Council
  • Arts Council England
  • Farne Salmon
  • Glasgow Museums